Monday, May 9, 2011

Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 44

Profiles in History is gearing up for their 44th Hollywood Auction which takes place May 14 and 15, 2011.  The auction has many Tim Burton items including original artwork and props!
Oogie Boogie has always been a favourite of mine so I've been drooling over the Oogie Boogie puppet and his skull die from Nightmare Before Christmas.  There are a lot of small props and puppet pieces from that film available for auction. There are also several pieces of concept art by Tim Burton and some original storyboards.
The auction also includes several original pieces of art by Burton for The Corpse Bride.  Some of these are really beautiful.
Possibly the greatest Burton treasure in the auction is a series of original drawings from the short film Vincent.  I love this short and I think it would be amazing to have one of these in my collection.
It will be interesting to see the prices some of these fetch.  Tim Burton art is immediately recognizable and it tends to sell at very high prices.

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